MSA Training- Course is this format is only available till the end of 11/2023 !!
About Lesson

When I was studying Physiotherapy in Zurich in 2004 till 2009 it was my frustration of not being able to help (enough) that drove me into preventative health through movement. I remember thinking, “if only there was more “health” to be done before the damage, the damage would not be as bad in the first place.” 

So I took my first Yoga Teacher Trainings during my studies. Diving deeper and deeper into the practice of Yoga. In the practice of Yoga at the time, it seemed that technique and specific targeting was often not relevant. 

Both fields could learn so much from one another! So after years of working in Physiotherapy, and one and one with clients and teaching classes, workshops and trainings it came all together.

In 2019 We developed our own resistance strap that could be used as a 3-in-1 tool because it simply did not exist that way. It was not a new invention, no, loop bands did exist. But we developed the length and strength we thought it would need and continue to develop and improve it ever since.

So the #Mystrengthabilitystrap is a tool that can affect how you feel, how you move and how you learn. Living my mission: #healththroughmotion

Thanks so much for being a vital part of this!! Am beyond excited to have you in this Training and to keep evolving together!

Yours, Stefanie Castson

Here is more info on the strap and a sample class if you wish to sneak peek..

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