Awaken Your Strength: Yoga Workshop with Stefanie Castson

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Merging Eastern Practices, Western Science, and Elastic Innovation Together


Experience a yoga workshop like no other! Join Stefanie Castson, an experienced Physio- and Yoga instructor, as she expertly converges the fascinating worlds of Eastern spiritual practices and Western anatomical science.
Through a 90-minute practice, Stefanie will guide us in breathing and movement exercises, using the revolutionary MSA Strap. The application of resistance and assistance with this elastic Loop band will facilitate the integration of key body structures including the core, shoulders, and hips.

As your body strengthens and lengthens, you’ll explore familiar Asanas and supporting exercises in an entirely new dimension. But the journey doesn’t stop here.

We’ll transition into a final invigorating phase, spending the last hour applying pressure using the double balls for an effective self-fascia release. This process will introduce a sense of balance and calm into your system, solidifying the gains of the earlier session.
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Your Instructor

Stefanie Castson, BSc. is a licensed physiotherapist and the founder of MSA Health.

She has developed her own rehabilitation approach, which includes self-care, mindfulness, and nature-based interventions. She believes we are all perfect beings with unlimited potential.

Stefanie and Dr. Eberhard J. Wormer, M.D., coauthored “Back Care: Movement Is the Best Medicine”, a bestseller that has sold over 400,000 copies.

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