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Welcome to the MSA Training Course! This comprehensive online course is designed to bring more functionality into your existing yoga practice and challenge your capacity to stabilize, strengthen, and lengthen with the help of the MSA Strap and Double Balls. With over 200 students trained and 5 studios supported, you'll join a community of individuals who have transformed their yoga practice through our program.

Now free, and completely self paced, 3 modules that cover the theory and application of resistance and assistance work. Each module includes Webinar, pre-recorded videos and scripts to help you retain the information.




MSA Training

with Stefanie

By the end of this you'll have the tools and knowledge you need to enliven your yoga practice and have the confidence to add functional exercises to any movement class.

Yoga Teachers - Physiotherapists - Fitness Trainers - Movement Lovers

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You can enroll in this course right now and finish it at your convenience, since it is a self-paced online course. Get started today.

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Coaching can accelerate your progress in mastering a new skill or ditching old habits. Your coach will listen, understand your goals, analyze past performance, point out blind spots, and give actionable advice.

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Stefanie Castson

Stefanie Castson, BSc. is a licensed physiotherapist and the founder of MSA Health

She has developed her own rehabilitation approach which includes self-care, mindfulness, and nature-based interventions. She believes we are all perfect beings with unlimited potential.

Stefanie and Dr. Eberhard J. Wormer, M.D., coauthored "Back Care: Movement Is the Best Medicine", a bestseller that has sold over 400,000 copies.

200+ students and counting....


I have attended Stefanie’s MSA training last year and can highly recommend her program. I had little experience with resistance work or the MSA strap before, but the idea of improving my technique, alignment, movement, strength, mobility, and breath sounded amazing. The first few modules covered the theory behind resistance work and the science of stretching. The next few modules covered the practical application of the MSA strap. We learned how to use the strap to strengthen and lengthen different muscle groups. We also learned how to add functional exercises into any movement class. The MSA strap has become such a valuable tool for both my teaching and my personal practice. If you are a yoga teacher, physio, fitness trainer, or just love movement, I highly recommend taking this course. It is registered as a YACEP Program, it is informative, well structured and very inspiring. And Stefanie is definitely one of the best in this field.

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